1 No Way
Jamie Westgarth Shield, Jordan Gladwin, Mattias Toben
2 On Top
Jamie Westgarth Shield, Joe Wisdome, Mattias Toben
3 Tonight
YAYAORJB, Todd Speakman
4 The Best Out
Imperial, K.I.N.E.T.I.K.
5 Look At You
Matthew Goodman, Michael Anthony Ramone Riley,
6 Come For The Game
Jamie Westgarth Shield, Kieran John Hannan, Mattias Toben
7 Top Of The League
Jamie Westgarth Shield, Kieran John Hannan, Mattias Toben
8 Fight To The End
Jamie Westgarth Shield, Fabian Jacon Johnson, Mattias Toben
9 Get My Shine
Imperial, Jamila Zebiri
10 I'm Blessed
Matthew Goodman, Uwafeme Patrick Spencer Salami


The first Molecular Originals co-lab album comes out with a bang.

A collaboration between Molecular and talent such as Imperial and Todd Speakman, you can expect catchy, grime top lines with an upbeat soulful feel. Whilst the instrumentation takes influence from vintage Funk and Soul drum breaks, the lyrical themes push the energy, power and upbeat sonority of the album, with relevant themes and catchy lyrical hooks.

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Release Date

November 11, 2022