A Quartet
1 Dancing Soul
2 Queen's Speech
3 From The Clouds
4 Spread Wings
5 Marching East

Recorded live at London’s RAK Studios, “A Quartet” comes from a very intimate place reflecting some recent personal life events for composer Adriano Aponte. Inspired by minimalism and its development, each track explores different scenarios given by the multiple shades of the string quartet and its capability.
Although the strings are the focus here, some other acoustic elements along with more modern and trailer-oriented sounds are included, to offer broader entertainment and a wider spectrum of feelings.
While listening to the full album the listener can experience their own journey, perhaps finding inner battles or dilemmas, sadness, love, and ultimately grit.



Adriano is an Italian award-winning composer for film and television. BAFTA Connect Member and Berklee alumni, he currently holds a position as Professor in Film Scoring at Conservatorio di Musica Santa Cecilia in Rome.

His most recent projects include the Rai TV-Series Nuovi Eroi, the feature film The Truth (on Amazon Prime Video), the feature film That Place in Time (Nexto Digital), and the Rai film Fame with soundtrack winner of the Jerry Goldsmith Awards (2023).
His music for the Sky TV Promo of the TV series Mystery Winter (hosted by Laurence Fishburne) has been awarded the Hollywood Music in Media Awards (2022).


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Release Date: JUNE 14, 2023



Release Date

June 9, 2023