Aaron Graham

Aaron Graham is a musician, composer and sound deisgner from London, UK. With a sound that is textured and detailed - combined field recordings and generatively synthesised sounds to create a unique blend of modern and infectious compositions. Is time spent as a performing artist (working with artists including Banfi, Jake Bugg, Nina Nesbitt, Nizlopi) spanned over 15 years before seeing him move into a more predominantly sound design based role. Since then Aaron's versatility has seen him work with major brands (Braund, Guinness, KFC, GQ), as well as ground breaking digital artists (Vincent Schwenk, Drake Smith, ilithya, Carl Herner) and creative filmakers (Jake Dypka, Lucy Bridger). Aaron's aim is to create moving and emotive sound content that takes a grip of its listeners and intrigues with its intricacies and nuance.